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Our Signature Events

Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays began back in 2008 as an effort to provide fellowship for college students during the Thanksgiving. With two major universities in our area (Florida State University and Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University), we learned not all students returned home during Thanksgiving. What started out as a big community fellowship meal with college students and the homeless eventually progressed into a distribution of food bags equipped with traditional Thanksgiving food items to feed a family of four for Thanksgiving.

Over 14 years later, this event is more than an outreach! We have deemed it one of our signature events. ‘Signature’ because community residents now identify this event with our ministry, and they know when someone else is trying to duplicate what we have started! This event is an integral part of our ministry because it is a display of affection and care for God’s people. We cannot just talk about being a place for the people of God, but we must effectively provoke change by showing we care. With this annual outreach, we have assisted households in North Florida and South Georgia including, but not limited to, Tallahassee, Quincy, Sneads, Marianna, Monticello (Florida), Thomasville and Valdosta (Georgia). More cities to come!

Every Gift Every Child

What child doesn’t want to receive gifts during the holidays? While we understand the true meaning of the holidays is to have a physical, symbolic representation of the birth of Jesus Christ, we also understand the silent cry of children who have to go through the holidays without because their parents can’t afford to buy gifts. Most of us have been there. Or we have seen the sad eyes of a child watching other kids sport their new toys, bicycles, clothes, shoes, etc., while they just watch. The purpose of Every Gift Every Child is to prevent as many children as possible to not experience this. This event has started with local children, but eventually we want to extend out into adjacent cities and other states.

We invite you to become a part of this awesome event that takes place in December of every year. From donation of gifts to your time, we appreciate it all!


Back 2 School Bashes

In the same spirit as Home for the Holidays and Every Gift Every Child, our Back to School Bash is another signature event of True Wisdom New Hope Ministries IDC EPC. In addition to providing food (Home for the Holidays), gifts (Every Gift Every Child), we also provide school supplies for youth from kindergarten through high school. This event is not only about school supplies. We partner with local hair salons to provide haircuts for the boys and braid styles for the girls. Other local partnerships have included Carmax (volunteered staff to help stuff bags), Leon County Health Department (distribution bags), Walmart, Office Depot, Staples, Pepsi-Cola, Dunkin Donuts – all assisting with donations of schools supplies to help over 200 students return to school with proper supplies.

The Back-to-School Bash is held twice – at the beginning of the school year and after the Winter break. This is because school supplies are used constantly so paper, pencils, notebooks, etc. are typically used up by the time school starts after Winter break. Asking for and receiving school supplies take place year-round so we have sufficient supplies when the time comes for the giveaways.

Typical items for the Back-to-School Bash includes:

  • Bookbags

  • Pencils

  • Crayons

  • Colored pencils

  • Markers

  • 1-subject Notebooks

  • 3-subject Notebooks

  • Composition notebooks

  • Calculators

  • Scissors

  • Glue

  • Pencil boxes /pouches

  • Compass

  • rulers

  • highlighters

  • 3-prong folders


City-Wide Outreaches

We believe in outreach! It is the heartbeat of our ministry. It is rooted in the fact that during his journey to becoming our leader and founder, Dr. Apostle James L. Rutledge faced various circumstances in his life that caused dependence on others. Had it not been for those who God strategically placed in his life to be of help at that time, we would not have a leader today. With that being said, we believe we must be in a place to help others. Not only does this show the heart of God, but for some, becomes the very gesture they need to keep believing that God does have a purpose and plan for their lives.

O: Opportunity – we must give others the opportunities to make a difference in their lives. From giving out clothes, shoes, food, and basic teachings, as the ministry has done for us, it will do for others.

U: unity – One purpose, one vision, one mission. When we’re unified for one purpose, we can achieve the impossible. As stated in Mark 9:23, Jesus said to him, “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.” (New King James Version)

T: together – we must work together to effectively reach others.

R: reach – Before the COVID pandemic, our outreach extended into hospitals, nursing homes, adjacent cities, and in other states. We are now slowly progressing back into our local communities and in other cities.

E: educate – We will be inefficient if we do not include an educational component to teach about local available resources, and even invite children to our own daycares and upcoming schools.

A: attainable – we believe that our goals are attainable. We do not take NO for an answer!

C: Community – We need your help! Our goal is to partner with local organizations, businesses, schools, and specialized entrepreneurs to develop community-wide intervention services to help those in need.

H: Help – the concept of help is at the root of outreach. It is about giving a hand up – not a hand out- for others to invoke permanent change in their lives.


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