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Chief Apostle S.D. James

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Our Apostle and Prophet, Samuel Demetrius James, II, born to Samuel and Ethel Thompson James, was pre-ordained from his mother's womb a chosen vessel and Messenger of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our Apostle and Prophet, Samuel Demetrius James, II, born to Samuel and Ethel Thompson James, was pre-ordained from his mother's womb a chosen vessel and Messenger of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Called to preach the Gospel in the late 1940's, he delivered his first sermon at the Emerson Street Church of God in Christ, Montgomery, Alabama, in revival with Elder Abraham Isaac Jacob Swanson. (The pastor, Elder Harris, is presently Alabama State Bishop of the Churches of God in Christ, and residing in Huntsville, Alabama). In 1947, a serpent was prepared to take the Apostle's life before this great ministry could come forth. Nevertheless, God, through Mother James, intervened just in time to snatch Samuel away by his shirttail from the venomous strike. The guardian angels are with him even unto this day.

Being ordained of God, our Apostle and Prophet demonstrated great wisdom at an early age, as did the Lord Jesus Christ before him. He was reading the Bible by age three and evangelized in Cleveland, Ohio at age four. He was in the third grade by age seven, received his license to preach at that same age, and began traveling as an evangelist on Trailway and Greyhound buses alone. He graduated from Brown's Elementary school at age 10 and them from Loveless Junior High School at 13. Apostle James graduated from George Washington Carver High School at age 16 and went to complete higher studies at Alabama State University, Hampton University-Virginia, Auburn University and Miracle Valley Bible College. He was doing student teaching at age 19. Over the years, he was Headband percussionist at Loveless Junior High School. He was Senior High School Chaplain, a member of the Male Glee Club, Gentleman's Club, high school track team, choir, and Student Government Association. At the college level, he was initiated into the Beta Upsilon Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. in 1963. He led baritone-bass in the college choir and was vice-president of the Pan Hellenic Council. Furthermore, he was a chemical laboratory assistant to Dr. Curtis McDonald during which time the research in Spectrophotometry led to the development of the polyester fiber. He also did graduate studies in geology and was a fellow member of the National Science Foundation.

Photographs in the Department of Archives of the S.D. James Evangelistic Association along with other memorabilia recall his academic years of laboratory research; teaching secondary school teachers for degree upgrades; teaching physics, chemistry, and mathematics; and developing science fairs to display student research potential.

Spiritually, Apostle James became a proficient child-evangelist by the age of 12 under the tutorship of Prince Fred L. Davis of Triumph the Church and Kingdom of God in Christ, who has taught hundreds of aspiring young ministers of many religious organizations. Apostle James pastored his first church by appointment in Greenville, Alabama at age 17 and was ordained at age 18 by Bishop J.E. Townsend, with whom he also traveled, was taught in the prophetic ways, and brought to the Junior Bishopric. He was ordained a Prophet at age 19.

By 1969, he had built two churches, instituted the International Youth Congress, served on the Board of Bishops and Elders, assisted in many ordinations, worked with Evangelist A. A. Allen and preached throughout the United States.

When the Lord began to move on him in the 1960's, ordaining him a prophet and showing him many visions, little did he know that Bishop C.H. Mason, Bishop Townsend, Bishop D.C. Rice, Bishop W.T. Phillips and Evangelist A. A. Allen who inspired him… all would leave the scene and the torch would be passed to him to carry the gospel of the kingdom to all nations.

It is this legacy into which True Wisdom was adopted in 2006. We are the continuation of his legacy and we will forever honor the impartation he's given into our lives!


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