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Pastor Vickie L. Rutledge

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Vickie Rutledge is the wife of Dr. James L. Rutledge, Founder and CEO of International Development Churches, Inc. and has been in pastoral ministry for 17+ years. She served as the Assistant Pastor at True Wisdom New Hope Ministries, IDC, Inc. of Tallahassee, Florida for two years before becoming the ordained as Pastor in 2005. She also humbly serves as a member of the S. D. James’ Women In White Prayer Warriors (WIW); WIW Newsletter Editor; IDC’s Magazine Editor and Vice-President of the S. D. James Evangelistic Association’s International Women’s Auxiliary.


Pastor Rutledge is a native of Gainesville, Florida and it was there, under the guidance of the Late Apostle Curtis Lake, Jr. (Deliverance Miracle Revival Center, Inc.) that she became a born-again believer and received the baptism of the Holy Ghost in 1990. Recognizing and nurturing the call of God that was upon her life, Apostle Lake along with her two mentors, General Eliza Henderson (the Co-Pastor) and Apostle Rutledge (then Minister Rutledge) helped transition her into her foundational training through “hands-on” experiences and by working in different positions and offices in the church. And because of her faithfulness and compassion for helping others, she was licensed as a Minister of the Gospel in June 1992. In June 1993, she married her Best-friend, Prayer Partner and Mentor, Apostle Rutledge.


God began to send her additional men and women of God at various times and seasons to help advance her in ministry, such as; Dr. Mattie L. Denmark, Prophetess Cleopatra J. Steele and her spiritual Father, Chief Apostle S. D. James. After much prayer and fasting, Apostle Rutledge moved his family to Lake City, Florida in 1996 to be under the tutelage of Prophetess Cleopatra Steele (Miracle Tabernacle). It was here where God used Pastor Rutledge’s talents and she became the Graphic Designer and a Youth Sunday School Teacher for the ministry. She founded One Accord Prayer Network and received a Business and Records Management Certificate from Lake City Community College in 1998. Through Prophetess Steele’s Suwannee Valley Coalition for the Homeless, Apostle Rutledge and Pastor Rutledge received extensive training and learned how to bring hope and restore dignity to the homeless.  The Coalition included a soup kitchen, thrift store, transitional homes, homeless shelters, apartments, and counseling services. The Rutledge’s became Directors of Hannah’s House, a homeless shelter for women and children in 1998.


In July 2000, God spoke to Apostle Rutledge again and told him to move to Tallahassee, Florida to begin True Wisdom New Hope Ministries and The New Hope Foundation for the Homeless. In 2002, Pastor Rutledge received an Associate of Arts Degree in Paralegal Studies from Keiser College. In 2009, she retired and began working full time in ministry alongside her husband.  Through this union, they have three beautiful children, Emmanuel, Hannah and Armon.

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